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    I have recently been selling off a lot of my post 46 Aussi numi 50% silver coins, and have been buying sterling and gold jewellery with the proceeds, not sure how wise this is, but I have been enjoying the ride so far. I just don't see a whole lot of value in these 50% coins once you factor in refining, and there are not many rare coins in these years. Not to mention it became a little boring

    I have approached this new adventure carefully and look for vintage and antique items that are hallmarked, also found a fondness to the Navajo jewellery.

    I have been slowly learning what to look for, and I found this piece and looked up the maker marks, Georg Jensen. The name rang a bell, probably from this site or some antique show.
    After an old interwebs search, I noticed this name brought about some big premiums.

    The seller didn't know or didn't have this piece listed as a Georg Jensen piece, and wasn't asking a price too far over spot, so I grabbed it.

    Can you guys tell me if in fact this is a Georg Jensen item? and if it would get a high premium?


    The other side is a depiction of St Christopher.

    I believe its from the 60's

    Would also appreciate any thoughts on other names I should look out for. and thoughts about diversifying some of my stack into jewellery and other silver and gold items, that are not coins and numi related


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