Hidden Secrets Of Money Episodes 9 & 10

Discussion in 'YouTube Digest' started by ozcopper, Oct 31, 2018.

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    I have watched parts of both videos.

    Maloney produces and presents very well-made videos with lots of solid points.

    Although most of his co-presenters are echo-chamber material. Also when presenting history, would it not be appropriate to have professors speaking rather than wealthy entrepreneurs?

    I would have to say I agree with many of his observations and conclusions.


    • the economy still chugs along
    • silver remains in the outhouse
    He will be right, eventually.....
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    It was a good series detailing the history of fiat. That was until he attempted to legitimize crypto by giving it a serious look in volume 8... what a joke. He tends to make solid sense and then ruin it with dumb and unnecessary statements (in the video series, it's legitimizing crypto... in his book, it was recommending a retirement portfolio that is over half precious metals). He loses a lot of credibility he had built up simply by doing those things, and it's a shame. There is no reason for it, since Mike comes off as otherwise calculated and level-headed guy.

    As for Hidden Secrets, if you take out that episode 8 on crypto which had worthless info and little relation to the rest of the episodes, the series is pretty good info. A bit dramatic at times... but pretty good. Maloney's financial and retirement growth advice is very very poor, but he is generally one the best at presenting the history aspects of money. Niall Ferguson is another in his book and YouTube talks, but Maloney is much easier to follow, esp with the good animations in that Hidden Secrets series.

    ...The thing that Maloney and vast majority of the doom-and-gloom gold sellers fail to realize is that as long as America is the best looking horse in the glue factory, they can continue to print money and sell bonds at will. Jim Rickards is one of the few who seems to calmly understand this and manages to recommend gold with tempered enthusiasm and good logic (approx 10% of portfolio in gold/metals).
    Presently, USA is not only the best looking horse, but they're also the most ready for combat, so the party will probably last for quite a bit longer. Assuming you want growth (who doesnt???), you need to have most of your investment money in the places it is likely to make an impact for you. I'm not saying that's a good thing that the present financial system is pretty entrenched, but that's just how it is. To predict otherwise is just gonna make you sound like a nut... and lose you money via missed opportunities.
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    hope all are well.
    Still lurking.
    thanks for the link.
    Metals are on the back burner, bubbling away as life goes on.
    Will enjoy some PM porn from Mr Mike.
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