Goods for barter (July 2024)

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    Goods for barter.
    Goods for barter thread.

    Just a reminder, it is ok to ask a cash price but you MUST include a price in a precious metal, e.g. swap for 4 ounces of silver or $150.

    it’s TAX time!
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    EXTREMELY RARE BIRD: Breitling 812 GMT 24hr Chronograph

    This is most likely the only Breitling 812 GMT in Australia, at the moment i have looked on ebay and found none worldwide, there are 3 examples on Chrono24 internationally, of which only 1 i can see with certainty having the original Stainless steel band, making this the fourth available in total worldwide.
    Serviced by Adam Lewis at Lewis Watch co with nearly unobtanium new old stock genuine Breitling parts only, Adam is renowned for his work among watch enthusiasts around the world, his work done as a special favour to me on this Brertling due to him completeing work on an Omega Flightmaster GMT.

    The Breitling 812 GMT measures nearly 48mm across, so its a big watch face up but slim in comparison.The 812 GMT uses a rare movement called the Valjoux 72.4 made in 1969 when the war between Omega and Breitling was waged in the space program and cold war era.

    i never wear this anymore, on the odd occasion over 3 yrs ago i rarely wore on my Birthday or other rare event.

    Genuine Breitling Dark Green black Canvas leather backed strap fitted for military look, with black PVD buckle.
    $18,327Aud or 5 and 1/4 oz troy in 9999 Gold. Message me for more info.

    upload_2024-7-1_12-27-10.jpeg upload_2024-7-1_12-27-30.jpeg upload_2024-7-1_12-27-51.jpeg upload_2024-7-1_12-28-12.jpeg upload_2024-7-1_12-28-27.jpeg upload_2024-7-1_12-28-52.jpeg upload_2024-7-1_12-29-17.jpeg upload_2024-7-1_12-29-36.jpeg upload_2024-7-1_12-30-1.jpeg upload_2024-7-1_12-30-23.jpeg

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