"Global Warming" Anomalies.

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    The most astounding explosion of human population in history happened on my generation’s watch, so we need to take ownership of that lack of foresight.

    Our own children are now paying the price for our blunders and have every right to be worried about the earth’s future – and theirs.

    But let’s not heap all the blame on baby boomers. Previous generations helped the planet’s degradation along just as blindly, and today’s young people still expect the sort of prosperous lifestyle that a dying planet can now only provide in the very short term.

    So, I would patiently urge all climate-change activists to direct their environmental concerns at those who really deserve it.

    They can start with the economists, developers and politicians who blissfully believe that the status quo of ‘perpetual growth’ still works.

    They can then move on to the religious zealots who still spout the mantra of ‘man’s dominion over nature’ and abhor the idea of contraceptives.

    After that, they can apportion a hefty dose of blame to the world leaders who purposefully sidestep the overpopulation issue like the political hot potato it is, despite the fact that it’s killing our planet and robbing future generations of the spectacular biodiversity and viable ecosystems that older generations took for granted.

    And finally, they can look in the mirror and ask themselves what they are personally doing (besides protesting in the streets) to make their planet a better place for all the life that dwells on it.

    What are the solutions to an overcrowded planet? Firstly, to stop getting sidetracked by the climate change industry and recognize that the problem is our sheer numbers and blatant disregard for the planet’s health – not the climate. We must replace political and economic agendas and warped ideologies with better education (especially in science). We need more global promotion of family planning, more female empowerment and government incentives to have fewer children – not more. And sadly, we should have been proactive about all this stuff at least 60 years ago, instead of just waking up to our self-inflicted predicament now.

    While it’s reassuring that today’s young people are increasingly aware of the seriousness of their environmental plight, they are protesting up the wrong tree. They should direct their passionate attention to the real enemy – a greedy, arrogant, two-legged species that’s in furious denial and has become far too adept at making excuses for the inexcusable.


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    The author is also getting sidetracked (in his own words) in laying blame at the feet of human nature. All of us can be greedy, every one of us can be arrogant and we can all be in denial. That's human nature. There's also the other side to human nature which is on display far more often, the qualities of love and empathy. Doesn't make very startling commentary though in an environment when only bad news sells. I don't find the author's writings to be of any benefit, in fact they're dangerous Malthusian ramblings of someone with a dark penchant for population control in much the same vein as dictators and white supremacists. Population is not the problem, the real curse is special interest groups using the State to enhance their values at the expense of others. Kevin Casey included.

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