For Sale: Australia 50 cent 1966 - pcgs MS64 - A$ 150

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    Price includes Auspost tracked delivery to an Australian address.
    Australia 50 cent 1966 reverse 1.JPG Australia 50 cent 1966 obverse 1.JPG Australia 50 cent 1966 reverse.JPG Australia 50 cent 1966 obverse.JPG Australia 50 cent 1966.JPG

    MS64 on the Sheldon scale is Ch Unc (just, MS63 doesn't cut it, really.)

    This is a top coin, not many around in this grade and they don't come up for sale often, but it doesn't fit my collection...anyway it's only on offer here at silverstackers (I just don't want to give feebay money for doing nothing, even though it'll sell quickly there for more - the ask on feebay for pcgs slabbed round 50s of lesser quality is, frankly, outrageous and in my opionion that sort of behaviour ought not to be encouraged...blah, blah)

    Please note that prompt payment is a condition of purchase - I'm sure established stackers know what I mean - no offense to new members and/or buyers I haven't dealt with before - a hassle free transaction is a top priority and I'll hold up my end of the deal, ie after you buzz, I will PM bank transfer details to you and once payment has cleared I will pack the coin properly, post it promptly and PM updates to you.

    Incidentally, the buyer assumes the risk associated with delivery - I will lodge the package over the counter at the post office and retain a receipt, after that it's down to Auspost and, to be fair, the chances are that the package will be delivered without any issues.

    Just so everything is crystal, the price - which includes postage - is firm.

    Mmm...after all that, I hope the damn thing sells...sorry to have to spell it all out...look, since it's silverstackers, if we've traded with each other before without any problems then I know I can trust you and you know you can trust me - first to buzz in this thread gets the box seat and thanks for at least looking!
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