F S: Silver Well under Spot F2F Melb. (sale pending)

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    I have for sale an accumulation of 15 Masterpieces In Silver sets that I wish to sell in one lot.
    There are 5 x 1993, 4 x 1994, 1 x 1995, 2 x 1996 and 3 x 1997 sets in the lot.
    There are 5 sterling silver coins in each set, with each set having a total of 5.32 oz silver.
    So 75 coins in total containing 79.80 oz of silver.
    Most of the sets have some severe damage to the inside cases due to them becoming stuck to the inside
    of the cardboard boxes, this is a normal occurrence unfortunately for these issues.
    The coins and capsules are OK.
    Selling the lot for $2500.

    DSCN8465 (FILEminimizer).JPG
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