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  1. All,

    The trading threads on Silver Stackers present an unparalleled opportunity to buy, swap and sell bullion of any value at no cost to either the buy or seller. Please respect the integrity of the trading forums by limiting posts in trading threads to genuine enquiries only. There has been a trend lately for trading threads to divert into becoming discussion threads unrelated to the item being traded, or for "peanut gallery" type comments derailing attempts at member trading. Posts that are not constructive to the execution of a transaction will be deleted from trading threads at the Administrator's discretion.

    Just a few reminders...

    1. Trading threads in the Australia & New Zealand (Public) forum are visible to unregistered members, will be indexed by search engines, and may remain permanently visible in public internet caches.

    2. Trading threads in the Australia & New Zealand and International forums are only visible to registered, logged in members, and cannot be indexed by search engines.

    3. Do not "cross-post" the same trade in multiple trading forums - duplicate threads will be removed.

    4. Trading posts with no posts in the last 30 days are regularly deleted each month from all trading forums.

    5. When engaging in a transaction that requires payment by electronic banking transfer or direct deposit, please note that banks cannot/will not reverse a transaction in the event of fraud. It is recommended that you obtain and confirm contact details of the party you are transacting with if engaging in a postal transaction, as in the event of fraud, you will be required to file a police report as a first step in recovering your funds - supplying a BSB and account number is insufficient information. Silver Stackers does not recommend either mailing or face-to-face transactions as being preferable over the other - use your own judgement. If you are a seller, please be prepared to provide a phone number to prospective buyers if you are requesting payment by direct deposit for confirmation of your contact details.

    6. Silver Stackers forum is in no way party to any aspect of a trade and cannot be held liable for the outcome of a transaction. Silver Stackers is not able to mediate in disputes between trading members.

    7. Recommended methods of postage are Registered Post or Platinum Express Post. When mailing by Registered Post, be sure to ask for items to be "scanned on posting" as this may not be done otherwise.

    8. Do not link to dealer prices when selling your own items - buyers are expected to do their own due diligence on assessing purchases. If you think an item is overpriced, or can be obtained elsewhere cheaper, don't post and don't buy. That said, Silver Stackers trading forums are not a platform for gouging. Trades that are not considered to be in "good will" may be reviewed for suitability for posting on Silver Stackers.

    9. Do your own due diligence on every aspect of a trade - is it legitimate? Does the trader have good trading feedback? Is it a brand new member asking for payment by direct deposit? Have you compared pricing?

    10. Regular members are limited to 14 trades in a 28 day period - if you would like to trade more frequently, please consider becoming a site contributor for extended trading privileges.

    11. Lastly, the Silver Stackers trading forums are for the trading of investment precious metals or numismatics only - please don't post items that do not fall into these categories.
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    Here is a good reminder with regards to the forum

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