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    Another day, another ICO.

    Anyone interested? Thoughts? The $25k buy in is interesting...

    Presale Price

    The pre-sale price is 1 ETH = 200 Cyphers. The minimum requirement for participating is 20 ETH for individuals and 250 ETH for institutions (effective starting from Dec 14, 2017). Cyphers during pre-sale is sold at a greatly discounted price. See more under ICO Price and Hard Cap.

    It is possible that we further lower the minimum requirement in the future after gathering more feedback from the community.

    How to Participate

    In order to participate the private placement, you need to register an account on our website at

    Cypherium – The Blockchain Superhighway

    The Next Big Chain Providing the building-blocks for the future of applications.

    The registration is done through a private link which we will send you. During the process, we will ask for your personal information (as in compliance with KYL & AML rules). Upon checkout, you will be asked to create an account, which requires you to provide your email, password and personal information. Once the account is created, you can log in using the email and password you provided. You need to make sure all the information you entered is correct. There are also the terms and conditions that you need to agree to by checking the box. IMPORTANT: Due to regulatory uncertainty, you MUST NOT be a US or China person.

    If you were to take further steps, please kindly reply to this email to confirm the intention and the approximate amount you are buying. After which we will send you the private link.

    After which you will be asked to enter the amount to be purchased and an address to which you should send the ether will appear. Once the ether has been transferred, send us an email with your hash. We will actively monitor the activity in the address so once we have received the payment we will send you a confirmation.

    Token Distribution

    There will be 100m tokens in total to be distributed in the first year. Of which 35m is reserved by the team and will be locked for 2 years before being released into the market, 33m is for private-sale and ICO, and the rest 32m is for miners.

    The distribution then halves for each following year and eventually reaching terminal distribution amount of 1m per year after the 8th year. Please refer to this chart below.

    After reaching terminal distribution, although there will still be new tokens being mined out every year, it is negligible compared to the total amount of distribution. After terminal distribution, the amount of token released each year equals to 1% of the token distributed in the first year, which in terms has little impact (excluding the accident lost of token due to loss of private key). Hence this model is amortized deflationary.

    This deflationary model has been adopted by many other tokens on the market including notably Ethereum, Monero, etc.

    ICO Date

    The ICO date is yet to be determined because our law firm is still working on the legal structure. It should be in early 2018. Our team will update you with new information once any substantial progress has been made.

    Pre-Sale Deadline

    The pre-sale ends as soon as 1) the allocation runs out or; 2) sometime before the ICO. Due to the high demand, the first scenario is more likely to happen. It is wise to act sooner than later.

    ICO Price and Hard Cap
    The hard cap for presale is 10m Cypher and the hard cap for presale + ICO combined is 33m Cypher. This was determined long before the ether price surge. It was very reasonable at its time and also less than many of the ERC-20 being a protocol level blockchain.

    Depending on the situation, the team at its sole discretion may decide to decrease the hard cap by selling fewer tokens during the ICO hence reducing the total amount of token released before development is complete. The reduced amount will be moved to a later stage when the main net development is complete, there might be a lock up period set on those. However, this is not at the cost of devaluing the token. The token price will stay the same. The hard cap will never go above 33m.


    Due to the price uncertainties of ethers and concerns from the community, we have decided to set a USD hard-cap on our presale at $25m. We will announce detailed fundraising plan after consulting with our law firm and advisors.


    It is above mentioned that the Cypher sold during pre-sale is at a discounted price.

    One of those important issues the team currently facing is the regulation. The SAFT is considered as security by SEC. Therefore, if we sell tokens before they exist, there's a chance that we Cypherium will be considered as offering securities. However, if the tokens have already been mined and then sold to the customer, they are not considered as securities.

    Therefore, we must limit eligibility for presale participants. In the best scenario, enough capital is raised from presale and the first stage development is complete before the ICO. There is not going to be any legal issues at all since Cypherium tokens are considered utility.

    The exact price during ICO cannot yet be calculated at this moment because it is determined by many factors including development progress, infrastructure and electricity costs.

    As a PoW chain, Cypherium tokens do not exist until they are mined, which costs electricity; a certain degree of electricity presence is also required to maintain the computation power of the network to prevent Sybil attacks and others. Also, Cypherium tokens are neither ERC-20 nor proof-of-stake based that can be produced infinitely at no cost.

    If the platform is developed and tokens are mined before ICO, it will be of market price. Because we will be then selling actual products (utility token).

    That being said, if the tokens are mined and then sold, IT WILL BE AT A MUCH HIGHER PRICE than that of the pre-sale.

    When do I get my token?

    You will get your token in your own Cypherium wallet when the main net goes online in 2018 Q2. Again, Cypherium is not ERC-20 and everything is built from the ground up including the wallet, you will then receive your private key by secure email.

    When can I start trading Cypher?

    you can start trading your Cypher as soon as it is listed on exchange shortly after the ICO. However, we do believe Cypher has long-term appreciation value. It is entirely your freedom to choose when to trade after available on the exchange.


    Our new website is now live and mobile compatible! Check it out at

    Home []

    Cypherium is a highly scalable & permission-less hybrid blockchain platform based on proof-of-work and Byzantine fault tolerance consensus. The design goal of ...
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    What's with the NOT a US or Chinese citizen requirement?
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    Heaps of tokens are banned from USA because it's a lot of work for the ICO to legally enter

    "ICO's operate similar to securities. The owners of ICO's (usually foreigners) don't want to jump through all the legal hurdles of the United States and it's many regulations. These regulations are in place to protect us investers (from broken promises). Initial coin offerings promise tokens that supposedly secure a profit/reward/guarantee of benefits. The U.S requires receipts (proof & registration) if you want to sell these securities."
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    hasnt been reviewed by the usual ico review sites, not much information around on them, proceed with caution.

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