China wants to 'cripple' Australia and 'hold our corpse up as an example'

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    The Great Enabler was never found innocent.
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    Andrews has put China above his party and his nation

    This week the federal Labor leader, Anthony Albanese, and his deputy, Richard Marles, explicitly repudiated Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews over his decision to sign up to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

    In signing a BRI memorandum of understanding, Andrews contradicted and defied Australian foreign policy on a matter of geo-strategic importance. That is irresponsible and damages Australia’s national interests.

    Andrews contradicted federal ALP policy as well. This was more explicit when Bill Shorten was Labor leader because Shorten had decided to back bipartisan Australian policy.

    That policy is that while Australia welcomes Chinese investment in principle, it will not sign up to the BRI as a program. This is because the BRI is freighted with Chinese geostrategic ambition and has been highly problematic in many countries. Instead, Canberra’s view is that each Chinese investment proposal should be assessed individually on its merits.

    Andrews’s irresponsibility and his determination to act against the national interest and national policy should be a bigger issue. It is almost unprecedented.
    Andrews has set himself up as making geostrategic foreign policy decisions against Canberra. He should now answer questions on Beijing’s actions in Hong Kong, its internment of a million Uighurs, its imprisonment of human rights lawyers, its smashing up of Christian churches, its actions in the South China Sea. If his answer is that these are matters for a federal government not a state government, then that should also have been his answer on the BRI.
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