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Content Coin Year Weight (g) AGW (oz) Number Total AGW (oz)
22k Half Sovereign 3.994 gm 0.1177 oz
22k Full Sovereign 7.988 gm 0.2354 oz
22k $200 Koala/Commemerative 10 gm 0.2948 oz
24k $100 Olympic/Commemerative 10 gm 0.3215 oz
24k 1/25th oz Commemerative 1.244 gm 0.04 oz
24k 1/20th oz Nugget/Roo/Lunar 1.555 gm 0.05 oz
24k 1/10th oz Nugget/Roo/Lunar 3.11 gm 0.10 oz
24k 1/5th oz Commemerative 6.221 gm 0.20 oz
24k 1/4th oz Nugget/Roo/Lunar 7.776 gm 0.25 oz
24k 1/2th oz Nugget/Roo/Lunar 15.552 gm 0.50 oz
24k 1 oz Nugget/Roo/Lunar 31.103 gm 1 oz
24k 2 oz Nugget/Roo/Lunar 62.207 gm 2 oz

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